Monday, May 4, 2015

House of Strickland

It's official. We closed on our house last Wednesday, April 29th. The morning after I arrived home from China...which officially made it the most stressful busiest week of my little life. Well, probably not. But close.

We are so, so excited and thankful to be homeowners once again. Renting has been an interesting journey the last two years. Ready to put down deep roots and settle in. 

I'll try to post some fun DIY projects in the coming weeks and months.

For now, we are soaking it in. We don't have to be our of our apartment until the end of June/early July, so lots of time to do those projects and take our time with the move (hopefully low stress and low key!).

And, Jonah is on CLOUD NINE. Love that he will have a new house, and backyard to explore.