Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Patriotic Potatoes

Today Jonah asked if we could do "a craft" about twenty five times. So I made something up on the fly- a potato stamped table runner. I thought it would be fun to share here in case anyone else needs an easy and fun (kid friendly!!) craft for these long summer days.

We had a back of russet potatoes in the patry (any potato will do, in my opinion) and I cut a couple in half and then started cutting stars with a paring knife...obviously the making of the stamps will be an adult only task- Jonah stood and supervised letting me know that my cuts didn't LOOK like stars to him...

(I'm a rookie potato stamp maker and didn't remember that I should cut the "S" opposite so when stamped it is going in the right direction!! Pshhh.)

Then grab some kraft paper, or whatever you have on hand, washable paint and start STAMPIN' those patriotic potatoes!!

After we covered the runner in stamps I grabbed two small paint brushes and we drew on the paper. This project kept Jonah busy for over an hour and was a cinch. He loved it!!

^^^ Jonah's "usa" at the bottom right of the photo above. Priceless!!!!

And, our finished table runner is now dry and the cutest addition to a patriotic situation we have going on in the breakfast area!!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hello, it's me

I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet.

Just kidding. It hasn't been years. But seriously- a LIFETIME has come and gone since I last blogged. I sort of gave up blogging to keep my sanity while I was working full-time, momming full-time and also pregnant.

BUT. I think maybe I'm back. I have tons of projects I want to work on and share and also something else happened...


So, yeah. There's that. And I'm planning Jonah's fifth (hold me!!!) birthday party in two weeks and I have a few fun crafts I want to write about.  I'll be back soon. I want to use this as a creative outlet.