Friday, February 28, 2014

The House Huntress


We've officially been back in Texas for one year now. And, we have exactly four months left on our lease. Time is a 'ticking away. We're going into house hunting mode again and I'm soooo excited.

Moving from our home in Birmingham to this little town-home/apartment was quite the challenge! With all of these changes (new city, new space) and challenges (teeny living space, no counter top work-space, tiny closets) comes a fresh, new perspective. I've had quite a bit of time to think about our house priorities, reevaluate which items are must-haves and we've even had time to get a feel for which side of town we want to settle on.

This little space has been good to us, and for us.

Honestly, I am so thankful that things worked out the way they did and we didn't purchase the house we were all set to close on last April. Now that I've lived in this area of Houston, I can't imagine moving that far out! Plus I just love our side of town and after living here my priorities have completely changed.

So. Are you up for the adventure again? House hunting with this crazy lady?! I think I will share more about the entire process this time around. Show you the winners AND the big fat losers that we look at.

And, in case you were wondering...this is what I'm keeping my eyes peeled for this time around...

A house with character + charm and some age on her. I love, love the house above. But, who knows where the hunt will take us. I certainly don't know. I have a checklist and we're gonna give it a go tomorrow afternoon. More details to come. Follow along on my instagram (#househuntress), and wish us luck!

(ps. The gorgeous home above is Courtney Barton's (Houston resident!) before + after. She is the owner of Mela and Roam. Check out her fab website and follow her on Instgram @ "courtneybarton".)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Take Note Tuesday {Three Things}

1. This adorable cutting board chalkboard
2. I have a similar caddy from Anthropologie and we have used it daily for a couple of years now. I love the wood accents on this one
3. Making homemade scones is on my 2014 "to bake" list. This is so perfect!!

What are you guys currently eyeing out and about? I love that spring is right around the corner. I'm craving all things floral in my wardrobe (stripes are a given) and loving the cheerful pastels that pop up this time of year!


We're on day two of Daddy being gone to New York City. We're missing him pretty badly around here (one of us keeps going to the door saying "daddddddy ball" holding his football). Not kidding. Breaks this Momma's heart. BUT, Daddy is having the best time and we are just SO proud of him! More details on that later this week...

Hope y'all Tuesday is sweet.

Monday, February 24, 2014


Historically I'm not a fan of roosters. I mean, I like to eat eggs. A lot. And, I think little baby chicks are cute. But, roosters? I've never really been a fan. However, these rooster ceramic pieces-- I'm a fan.

In fact, I need them in my life. Now. They are perfectly springy + adorable. I love 'em-

I really like pretty things. They make life sweeter. I know that sounds silly. But, it's true. Making breakfast special by using a cute plate or mug. Just makes me happy.

Happy Monday, friends! I'm hoping this week goes by quickly. Jeremy is in NYC until Friday night and I miss him already!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Florals + Navy

Old Navy has several cute new additions to their Spring 2014 line. I thought I would mix things up a bit and share my current faves:

1. This adorable tasseled scarf. Love the orange tassels. Love infinity (less work to keep them tied + in place when I'm hauling Jonah about!)
2. A slouchy calico print sweatshirt. I would live in this. I love that calico print has finally come back around. I think we had wallpaper like this in our house when I was little. I love it. And I love this sweatshirt ($20!)
3. Cute d'orsay flats. This style just looks so cute on your feet!
4. This shaw-collar popover. I mean. Seriously how handsome would my little man look in it?! Or your little man?! Exactly.
5. Light washed slouchy skinny jeans for Jonah. I only like to send him to school in soft things, with a few washes these will be perfect! 

Happy Thursday, y'all!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

All my #selfie ladies {House & Heart Keeping}

No, but seriously. We're talking about house & heart keeping this week:

Monday- What reality looks like. The dirty bits of our life that are so completely normal to each of us.
Tuesday- And, what comparison + hating on our own life does to us.

So, as I stated yesterday I'm a huge fan of #selfies. Sounds silly, right?! But listen. I'm a fan because it's that one moment that you have. Your hair worked. Your makeup looked right. Or you liked your outfit. Or the sun was shining, your Husband remembered to take out the trash and everything came together for the perfect moment in time.

The #selfe.

The moment in time you felt great. Confident. Beautiful. Secure. Sexy, even. That one.

As a mom/wife/friend those moments are rare (hello, please read my post on Monday where I can barely make it out of our master bedroom without tripping on something) and MUCH needed!! We are stretched in a lot of directions, scattered, pulled, stretched thin almost. Cleaning up poop (literally, y'all) and making sure we buy milk.

We need more of those #selfie feeling moments in our life.

I really believe that the more we find to love about our own life, our everyday- the more joyful we become. The less we compare. That's the way it has worked in my life! We live in a very social media oriented world. I'm an over-instagramming-queen. Snapping photos like there's no tomorrow. I try to capture the pretty in our everyday (very mundane at times!) life.

So, I just want to encourage you to find something you like about yourself or your life. Your hair. Your scarf. Your new flats. Your coffee mug. Whatever. And post the heck outta it. I promise that moment will feel good. And who cares if your socks don't match and you can't find a clean coffee cup in that pile.

Rock that #selfie, y'all!!

I hope these few posts have encouraged someone. Tomorrow I'll be back to my normal pretty things posts for awhile. Be encouraged that you're not alone. Sometimes the days are reeeeally long when you have little ones (no matter how much you love them to pieces!). There's a light. They will be potty trained one day! Right?! ;)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

That Comparison {House & Heart Keeping}

Ohhh, that comparison. She (comparison just must be female, y'all) sneaks in so unexpectedly. As you're scrolling through your instagram feed.

I with I had everything together like she does. Ping.
How does she keep up her house and life so perfectly? Zing.
Why do they have all the fun and I just sit at home? Ding.
Seriously. How can they buy those things (whatever it may be) and live such a perfect life? Ping.
And her hair. I mean. I barely make it out of bed to brush my teeth. Nevermind my hair. Ding.
How does she find the time to chop all of those vegetables and menu plan one month out?! Zing.
And seriously. They only eat organic?! Poor Jonah. He gets Velveeta Shells and Cheese. Ding.

Little darts of comparison that completely make you feel like you couldn't possibly be as perfect as that one, or have as fantastic of a life as another.

Can I get a witness?  I've felt this before. Comparison. Throwing a pity party of one because my life doesn't seem to be quite as good and lovely as someone else. OR, it doesn't even have to be someone else. My life doesn't seem to be quite as good and lovely as I THINK it should be. My high perfectionist standards. At one time or another each of us has felt inadequate. That we don't measure up.

This human nature is SO strong willed. It covets. It compares. It envy's. It is jealous.

It's all about a perspective change.  When you compare yourself and your life with someone else's it leads to discontentment. Literally becomes a drain to your joy. You cannot compare yourself with anyone else and be focused on YOUR own purpose in life.

I just want to encourage you to find the beautiful in your own everyday. I really feel like finding things we like about our own lives (however small they may be) makes US happier people. Happier Moms. Wives. Friends. Trying to find the good + pretty in our life brings joy and appreciation. When your focus turns to the things you like about your life, funny how that happens. Don't be surprised when good things start happening!

If you bake tasty cupcakes, be a good baker! Wrap it up prettily and gift it to people. Just because. Take photos of it and take pride in it. You're not crafty, but you sure can cook (hey hey) then cook the mess out of some soup and find someone sick. Know what I mean? Encourage one another.

So. With that being said I'm a fan of #selfies. Talk to you tomorrow about WHY.

What do you guys do to stay joyful in your everyday lives? 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Reality Ch-ch-check {House & Heart Keeping}

I posted a lot of pretty, shiny images last week. They were in order. It was LOVE week. Those pretty things + crafts + excursions were perfectly in order.

I waited a long time (until Jeremy and I were both goooood and ready) to have a baby. The waiting to be a Momma was intentional. We wanted to be prepared and be in a place in life that we were ready, not that you're ever really- ready. But still. I've said ready quite enough. You get my drift. So, the one thing that I thought about most was making every little (even small) thing count when I became a Momma to Jonah. My late Sister-in-law was the best example of this. She made each little milestone SO BIG. And, special. I loved that about Stephanie. That's what we're being intentional about as a family. Celebrating life and love. And, that's exactly what we did the last two weeks. LOVED BIG. 

Yet. Still. I think I need to keep things balanced here on the blog. My instagram feed is all about finding the pretty in our everyday life. So is this blog. I mean, you wouldn't want to come here and read about my dirty dishes everyday, right? Exactly. But, I do want to be quick to tell everyone that my instagram and this blog although it is REAL and those things REALLY did happen. Our life is not all rainbow and sparkles. 

We just celebrated love and pretty things, so this week I would like to share a little slice of reality with you. Yes? Okay. Let's do it. 

First up: Exhibit A: 

my blog is shuddering at this image. promise.

Meet my dirty bits. Sounds like an rated R rap song, right? Hahaha. Welp, there's a slice of reality for your viewing pleasure. While I was crafting all of those cute mustache classroom valentines + baking bread + taking photos of Jonah wearing cute outfits--

You can certainly see what I wasn't doing. Ahem.

The aftermath of the pretty. You get the point right?? There are toys ALL over our living room. Laundry piled up to the sky (at least that's the clean pile!!). Dishes overflowing the sink and the counter and the other counter. That's my least favorite chore. Thankful Hub does those! (And, just so you know--while I AM gifted with a Hubs who does the dishes. He does NOT clean his side of the closet. Ever.)

But, I digress.

That is LIFE, y'all. I choose to make crafts rather than folding clothes. I choose to bake rather than swiffering the kitchen. I choose to take Jonah to the park after school rather than cleaning the bathrooms. Those are choices that I make every day. I mean, at some point it all gets cleaned and looks presentable. LIFE. I am not betty freaking crocker AND mr. clean rolled into one package. 

And neither are you. So just remember that. 

Let's stop beating ourselves up when we think our life isn't "perfect", okay? Let's not compare ourselves to the pretty girl who lives in NYC and looks like she has a picture perfect brownstone + wardrobe + life + perfect children who don't throw fits in Old Navy  (NOT that my child has ever done that. Ahem.). I am a multi-tasker, but even then. Sometimes my multi-tasker just breaks down and goes on strike (see Exhibit A up there, y'all!). 

Find the pretty in your everyday. Let the dishes wait a day. Go outside. Take a walk. Focus on the good + beautiful blessings in your life. And I will too! I promise it will be rewarding for us all. Our lives don't have to be perfect, to be beautiful. Neither do our homes. There is no one perfect, but THE One. Tomorrow I'll be back to discuss this topic little more. 

Y'all don't look too closely at my Exhibit A now. 
And, we can still be friends even though I'm messy, right?? 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Homemade Chex + LOVE DAY

You guys. Please make this recipe tonight and thank me later.

I follow Stir and Scribble via Instagram and came across this Valentine's Chex recipe. I knew it would be perfect to gift, and couldn't wait to make it.

The recipe did NOT disappoint. The house smelled divine while it was baking, and Jonah + I completely pigged out on it while it was still warm, fresh form the oven. Plus. It's completely adorable.



I gifted my love bugs to cheeky mugs filled with the chex (ahem. crack), and also made Jonah's teachers cute little mustache treat bags. So stinkin' cute. 

Find the recipe on Stir and Scribble's blog and let her know I sent you. (Note- I couldn't find the yogurt bites, so I added m&ms. So tasty with the freeze dried strawberries!)

And, since it's LOVE day. A photo of the Mr. and myself. He's my one true love and my sweet Valentine. Love this sexy beast and I'm so thankful for him! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sweet Cheeks + Sweet Treats

"I mustache you to be my main squeeze!"

It's no secret that I love to bake and craft. It's like therapy for me. Something about the process just soothes my soul! And, honestly, the best part of it is treating someone else. Taking goodies to friends. Sending treats with Jonah to school for his sweet teachers. I love to treat people with delicious goodies!

After much thought, I decided to send a non-baked treat to school with Jonah for his friends. I thought it would be a safer bet than sending a baked treat in case someone has a food allergy. I snapped a few photos of him last week and planned an easy + low cost treat for his friends.

Here are the details:

Step 1: I staged an impromptu photo shoot right outside of our apartment door, saved and imported my photos to Photo Shop.
Step 2: Next, I added fun text + blurbs to the photos and uploaded them to Walgreen's.
Step 3: Order + Print small wallet size photos (these are SO inexpensive and just the cutest!)
Step 4: Punch a hole in each wallet, attach with twine to your treat.


I went with organic, all-natural applesauce squeeze packets, and made up a cute little "I mustache you to be my main squeeze" printable. I had lots of little mustache die-cuts leftover from Jeremy's 30th Birthday bash.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sweet Valentine {What Jonah's Wearing}

I kicked off the week on Monday by sharing our fun Valentine's Day photo session and I thought I would share what Jonah was wearing in those photos (and for the BIG love day). And by BIG day I mean ANY day that Jonah gets to each "cha-cah-it" is big to him. He's obsessed with it. Little chocolate monster.

1. How cute are those leggings?!! I purchased his leggings from The Little Spoons Etsy shop. Adorable + Organic Leggings and super soft!
2. The tee was given to him by his cousin, Kelsey, who just visited California for her 18th Birthday. We love it!
3. The striped onesie is from Baby Gap (similar).
4. Kicks are Converse (similar)

I'll be sharing a few more Valentine's Day projects tomorrow and Friday so be sure to check back!

What are your love bugs wearing for LOVE day?!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Take Note Tuesday {Three Things}

You guys. Have you met my friend Sherah (via her blog)? She's guest posted for me before, and I'm so excited she's back!

Sherah and I met in college (at a Bible College in Indianapolis, actually), she lived right down the hall from me on the same floor. She is so full of life and joy that it's infectious. You just HAVE to laugh and smile around her!! She became a Momma to baby Jack Tyler shortly after I had Jonah, be sure to read her blog and her story. It's incredible, and Jack is a little blessing baby! Sherah has amazing style and choose her top three Valentine's picks for us (LOVING that robe, y'all!)-

1. Juicy Couture Terry RobeIt's pink, cozy, and did you see the heart shaped pockets?! Sign me up!
2. Amazonian Butter LipstickIt has the word 'butter' in it, plus it has cutest packaging! SOLD.
3. Fan Fringe NecklaceLoving anything fringe right now. This necklace is the perfect way to wear this trend, and the colors are some of my faves!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Love Bug

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays. I know it's all hyped up, but I don't think there's such a thing as too much love. Come'on. Not possible.

In our house we love to make every single holiday special! This year I'm especially excited for the holiday's because Jonah's starting to grasp things and is such a ham. I mean. Is there anything cuter than a little rascal?!

Last Thursday afternoon we had a mini-photo-shoot right outside of our apartment door. I needed a few photos of Jonah for some Valentine's Day projects I have up my sleeve. The photos couldn't have turned out any cuter!!

I hope you have a lovely Monday. I'll be sharing lots of fun posts this week so be sure to pop back in! Tomorrow my sweet friend Sherah is sharing her Valentine's Day picks, and Wednesday I'll share details of Jonah's outfit in the photos above. See you guys around.

Hugs & Kisses
(sorry. couldn't resist this week. ha.)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stripes + Chambray {What Jonah's Wearing}

Are stripes and chambray EVER a bad combination? Not in my opinion. We live in both of those around here. I have several chambray + denim shirts that seem to go with everything. Throw on a chunky scarf and I'm in business, baby! Here's an outfit Jonah wore to a recent family outing:

Chambray Button-Up (Walmart, y'all! For $5 bucks)
Stripe One-piece from Baby Gap (no longer available)
Old Navy Kicks

Here are a few one-piece options that are available right now on Baby Gap (wait for a sale- they mark items down really quickly. I usually get these for around $12 each using a 40% off clearance email code!)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cozy + Color

I'm really loving this color combination lately. The coral/salmon shade and the mint green is pretty trendy right now. I love them paired with gold + mustard and chambray blue. Quite unexpected, but the combination looks so fresh to me. Fresh and clean is inspiring me lately. Our little two-story apartment has this (awful) yellowish paint throughout. It is not fresh. So, I'm dreaming of crisp white paint these days...

That pom pom pillow is just the cutest. You could totally DIY, I think. Mixing textures and finishes in a space is an easy way to make rooms feel cozy. And, you can never (EVER) have too many lamps. They add such charm to a room. Don't be afraid to mix and match! The velvet pillow + matte metallic lamp keep things fresh. I love spaces that are slightly quirky but have traditional elements.

Source List:

What are you craving in your home? A new look? White paint? Let's discuss...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Take Note Tuesday {Three Things}

Hey Y'all!

Today I'm featuring my friend Ashley's top Valentine's picks. Ashley and I met through church and instantly hit it off. We have tons of the same interests (love antiques + anything a little shabby) and I am SO thankful that we met! She has the cutest little guy named Wrenly who is close in age to Jonah, and her hubby Chuck is one of the Pastor's at Grace. Ashley has fantastic personal style (her home is just beautiful) and is the sweetest friend that I could ask for. You can follow her adventures (and gain tons of inspiration) on her new blog- Stuff with a Story. Here are her "three things" for your Hubby, your home and your little one:

1. For him: a lapel flower for my guy who loves to dress-up.
2. For the home: a sweet downloadable print with a little Texas pride.
3. For the little one:  a mouse in a matchbox. Wrenly already has this sweet guy but I definitely recommend him or one of his cute relatives.

Monday, February 3, 2014

BE an encourager.

Having a positive outlook + being an encourager is something that I'm working on in my life. Having a positive attitude isn't something that comes naturally. I'm not negative or a downer by nature, but I find myself quick to find the negative in situations. I don't like this trait, so I'm working on it.

I'm also working on being an encourager. I want my friends and family to feel encouraged after they walk away from a conversation with me. This year I'm working on developing my friendship skills. I know that sounds silly, but do you guys know how easily it is to let life slip by, and realize you haven't made time in your life for other people? Your friends? I do. That's why I'm focusing on being a friend this year. Developing those relationships. Trying to BE a better friend and an encourager.

Being an encourager is to inspire others with hope. Give confidence. Support their dreams and goals.

I'm starting with my marriage relationship (good place to start, right?!). I want Jeremy to feel my support every single day. To have confidence in himself, his decisions and dreams. I taped a big (slightly obnoxious, but hey. It works!) list of items that I'm proud of him for on his bathroom mirror. Things that I support him in and love about him. I don't think it's possible to tell your Husband that you're proud of him or appreciate him enough.

And, with my girlfriends and family- I want to give confidence and support. Be a listener. Help with little things and encourage in small ways that add up!

I would love to know how you show encouragement to others! Let's chat..