Tuesday, February 18, 2014

That Comparison {House & Heart Keeping}

Ohhh, that comparison. She (comparison just must be female, y'all) sneaks in so unexpectedly. As you're scrolling through your instagram feed.

I with I had everything together like she does. Ping.
How does she keep up her house and life so perfectly? Zing.
Why do they have all the fun and I just sit at home? Ding.
Seriously. How can they buy those things (whatever it may be) and live such a perfect life? Ping.
And her hair. I mean. I barely make it out of bed to brush my teeth. Nevermind my hair. Ding.
How does she find the time to chop all of those vegetables and menu plan one month out?! Zing.
And seriously. They only eat organic?! Poor Jonah. He gets Velveeta Shells and Cheese. Ding.

Little darts of comparison that completely make you feel like you couldn't possibly be as perfect as that one, or have as fantastic of a life as another.

Can I get a witness?  I've felt this before. Comparison. Throwing a pity party of one because my life doesn't seem to be quite as good and lovely as someone else. OR, it doesn't even have to be someone else. My life doesn't seem to be quite as good and lovely as I THINK it should be. My high perfectionist standards. At one time or another each of us has felt inadequate. That we don't measure up.

This human nature is SO strong willed. It covets. It compares. It envy's. It is jealous.

It's all about a perspective change.  When you compare yourself and your life with someone else's it leads to discontentment. Literally becomes a drain to your joy. You cannot compare yourself with anyone else and be focused on YOUR own purpose in life.

I just want to encourage you to find the beautiful in your own everyday. I really feel like finding things we like about our own lives (however small they may be) makes US happier people. Happier Moms. Wives. Friends. Trying to find the good + pretty in our life brings joy and appreciation. When your focus turns to the things you like about your life, funny how that happens. Don't be surprised when good things start happening!

If you bake tasty cupcakes, be a good baker! Wrap it up prettily and gift it to people. Just because. Take photos of it and take pride in it. You're not crafty, but you sure can cook (hey hey) then cook the mess out of some soup and find someone sick. Know what I mean? Encourage one another.

So. With that being said I'm a fan of #selfies. Talk to you tomorrow about WHY.

What do you guys do to stay joyful in your everyday lives? 


  1. My moto after baby? Done is better than perfect. It took some adjusting b/c I too am a perfectionist. And it took some adjusting b/c the husband was used to everything being done perfectly. But he is fine with it if if makes me less stressed!

  2. Deleted my Instagram account for this reason!! Such a wonderful post!!