Monday, February 17, 2014

Reality Ch-ch-check {House & Heart Keeping}

I posted a lot of pretty, shiny images last week. They were in order. It was LOVE week. Those pretty things + crafts + excursions were perfectly in order.

I waited a long time (until Jeremy and I were both goooood and ready) to have a baby. The waiting to be a Momma was intentional. We wanted to be prepared and be in a place in life that we were ready, not that you're ever really- ready. But still. I've said ready quite enough. You get my drift. So, the one thing that I thought about most was making every little (even small) thing count when I became a Momma to Jonah. My late Sister-in-law was the best example of this. She made each little milestone SO BIG. And, special. I loved that about Stephanie. That's what we're being intentional about as a family. Celebrating life and love. And, that's exactly what we did the last two weeks. LOVED BIG. 

Yet. Still. I think I need to keep things balanced here on the blog. My instagram feed is all about finding the pretty in our everyday life. So is this blog. I mean, you wouldn't want to come here and read about my dirty dishes everyday, right? Exactly. But, I do want to be quick to tell everyone that my instagram and this blog although it is REAL and those things REALLY did happen. Our life is not all rainbow and sparkles. 

We just celebrated love and pretty things, so this week I would like to share a little slice of reality with you. Yes? Okay. Let's do it. 

First up: Exhibit A: 

my blog is shuddering at this image. promise.

Meet my dirty bits. Sounds like an rated R rap song, right? Hahaha. Welp, there's a slice of reality for your viewing pleasure. While I was crafting all of those cute mustache classroom valentines + baking bread + taking photos of Jonah wearing cute outfits--

You can certainly see what I wasn't doing. Ahem.

The aftermath of the pretty. You get the point right?? There are toys ALL over our living room. Laundry piled up to the sky (at least that's the clean pile!!). Dishes overflowing the sink and the counter and the other counter. That's my least favorite chore. Thankful Hub does those! (And, just so you know--while I AM gifted with a Hubs who does the dishes. He does NOT clean his side of the closet. Ever.)

But, I digress.

That is LIFE, y'all. I choose to make crafts rather than folding clothes. I choose to bake rather than swiffering the kitchen. I choose to take Jonah to the park after school rather than cleaning the bathrooms. Those are choices that I make every day. I mean, at some point it all gets cleaned and looks presentable. LIFE. I am not betty freaking crocker AND mr. clean rolled into one package. 

And neither are you. So just remember that. 

Let's stop beating ourselves up when we think our life isn't "perfect", okay? Let's not compare ourselves to the pretty girl who lives in NYC and looks like she has a picture perfect brownstone + wardrobe + life + perfect children who don't throw fits in Old Navy  (NOT that my child has ever done that. Ahem.). I am a multi-tasker, but even then. Sometimes my multi-tasker just breaks down and goes on strike (see Exhibit A up there, y'all!). 

Find the pretty in your everyday. Let the dishes wait a day. Go outside. Take a walk. Focus on the good + beautiful blessings in your life. And I will too! I promise it will be rewarding for us all. Our lives don't have to be perfect, to be beautiful. Neither do our homes. There is no one perfect, but THE One. Tomorrow I'll be back to discuss this topic little more. 

Y'all don't look too closely at my Exhibit A now. 
And, we can still be friends even though I'm messy, right?? 


  1. Great reminder, Lindsay! I needed to hear this especially in this busy week.