Wednesday, February 19, 2014

All my #selfie ladies {House & Heart Keeping}

No, but seriously. We're talking about house & heart keeping this week:

Monday- What reality looks like. The dirty bits of our life that are so completely normal to each of us.
Tuesday- And, what comparison + hating on our own life does to us.

So, as I stated yesterday I'm a huge fan of #selfies. Sounds silly, right?! But listen. I'm a fan because it's that one moment that you have. Your hair worked. Your makeup looked right. Or you liked your outfit. Or the sun was shining, your Husband remembered to take out the trash and everything came together for the perfect moment in time.

The #selfe.

The moment in time you felt great. Confident. Beautiful. Secure. Sexy, even. That one.

As a mom/wife/friend those moments are rare (hello, please read my post on Monday where I can barely make it out of our master bedroom without tripping on something) and MUCH needed!! We are stretched in a lot of directions, scattered, pulled, stretched thin almost. Cleaning up poop (literally, y'all) and making sure we buy milk.

We need more of those #selfie feeling moments in our life.

I really believe that the more we find to love about our own life, our everyday- the more joyful we become. The less we compare. That's the way it has worked in my life! We live in a very social media oriented world. I'm an over-instagramming-queen. Snapping photos like there's no tomorrow. I try to capture the pretty in our everyday (very mundane at times!) life.

So, I just want to encourage you to find something you like about yourself or your life. Your hair. Your scarf. Your new flats. Your coffee mug. Whatever. And post the heck outta it. I promise that moment will feel good. And who cares if your socks don't match and you can't find a clean coffee cup in that pile.

Rock that #selfie, y'all!!

I hope these few posts have encouraged someone. Tomorrow I'll be back to my normal pretty things posts for awhile. Be encouraged that you're not alone. Sometimes the days are reeeeally long when you have little ones (no matter how much you love them to pieces!). There's a light. They will be potty trained one day! Right?! ;)

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