Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Take Note Tuesday {Three Things}

You guys. Have you met my friend Sherah (via her blog)? She's guest posted for me before, and I'm so excited she's back!

Sherah and I met in college (at a Bible College in Indianapolis, actually), she lived right down the hall from me on the same floor. She is so full of life and joy that it's infectious. You just HAVE to laugh and smile around her!! She became a Momma to baby Jack Tyler shortly after I had Jonah, be sure to read her blog and her story. It's incredible, and Jack is a little blessing baby! Sherah has amazing style and choose her top three Valentine's picks for us (LOVING that robe, y'all!)-

1. Juicy Couture Terry RobeIt's pink, cozy, and did you see the heart shaped pockets?! Sign me up!
2. Amazonian Butter LipstickIt has the word 'butter' in it, plus it has cutest packaging! SOLD.
3. Fan Fringe NecklaceLoving anything fringe right now. This necklace is the perfect way to wear this trend, and the colors are some of my faves!

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