Monday, February 3, 2014

BE an encourager.

Having a positive outlook + being an encourager is something that I'm working on in my life. Having a positive attitude isn't something that comes naturally. I'm not negative or a downer by nature, but I find myself quick to find the negative in situations. I don't like this trait, so I'm working on it.

I'm also working on being an encourager. I want my friends and family to feel encouraged after they walk away from a conversation with me. This year I'm working on developing my friendship skills. I know that sounds silly, but do you guys know how easily it is to let life slip by, and realize you haven't made time in your life for other people? Your friends? I do. That's why I'm focusing on being a friend this year. Developing those relationships. Trying to BE a better friend and an encourager.

Being an encourager is to inspire others with hope. Give confidence. Support their dreams and goals.

I'm starting with my marriage relationship (good place to start, right?!). I want Jeremy to feel my support every single day. To have confidence in himself, his decisions and dreams. I taped a big (slightly obnoxious, but hey. It works!) list of items that I'm proud of him for on his bathroom mirror. Things that I support him in and love about him. I don't think it's possible to tell your Husband that you're proud of him or appreciate him enough.

And, with my girlfriends and family- I want to give confidence and support. Be a listener. Help with little things and encourage in small ways that add up!

I would love to know how you show encouragement to others! Let's chat..

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  1. I love that scripture. I definitely need to work on my positive attitude as well. My mom actually pointed this out. Good ol'e mom:) I just wrote about this exact struggle last week.