Friday, January 31, 2014

My Better Half

Jeremy and I went on a fancy date last Friday night and seriously it was SO needed. We had the best time reconnecting. It has (literally) been months since our last date. And it was our second "official" date since Jonah was born. Crazy town.

The days and weeks are long. I'm walking through a space in our life that is more challenging. I'm alone with Jonah more than I'm with my better half (and that he is). We pass one another on our way to and from work. Each with a different schedule and direction. It takes a toll on you. On the relationship.

Marriage is hard. Am I the only one around here that struggles in my marriage? This isn't about divorce. It's just about the daily wear on the most important earthly relationship. Our marriages. It takes work to stay connected to your spouse. Effort. And grace. Biting your (okay, my) tongue sometimes. Not complaining. Not picking. Just loving.

Whew. Even typing that makes me think about the trash that needs to be taken out. Can the church say Amen!?

Goofing off on our first date night since Jonah was born

This past Sunday we stayed for the late service and went to a couple's class. Shortly after we arrived they asked each couple to stand, introduce their spouse and say one thing that we love + appreciate about them. You guys!!! It was EYE-OPENING. So special to hear what others appreciate in their spouse and relationship. They gave "homework" and asked each couple to continue this tradition this week. Every single day.

Can I tell you that it has been the absolute high-light of my week?!! Hearing something new that Jeremy loves and appreciates about me every day. It was so needed and is improving our communication greatly. If you're looking to connect with your Hubs, I encourage you to give it a try for a week!

I would love to know how you stay connected with your spouse, especially if you have younger children! 

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  1. I love this. It makes me wish our church had something for married couples. Dates ARE important and me and J are guilty of never going on them. I love the homework y'all were given, I can't wait to suggest it to Justin. Thanks so much for sharing!