Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Some August Thoughts

Every single time I say I'm going to be a good, faithful blogger it's all lies, y'all. So, I'll just give you some (random) thoughts on the second Tuesday in August.

1. Jonah is at his Grandparent's house. Simultaneously I miss him, and I'm breathing a sign of relief because I forgot how easy having one kid was. Whew.

2. One month until pre-school starts. He's ready. I'm ready. And he's upset he's not going to school five days per week. Go figure! I have a social butterfly.

3. Jeremy and I went on our first date in probably a year- to see John Mayer (MY FAVE) and had the BEST time together.

4. We are half-way into 2017. Which means Sutton turns 6 months old this month. Life isn't fair in terms of the way time flies. It totally does. And I'm 99% sure she's our last little baby, so. JUST SLOW DOWN TIME for me. Someone. Anyone? Help.

5. Jeremy and I are in a weird season of life. We are both really evaluating our life, and re-evaluating our priorities. But not for today- our priorities for five or six years from now. We will both be 40. FORTY. I can't even. And it has brought around a lot of questions about what we want to put our efforts into, and direct our finances for the next five/six years. We're calling it the six-year plan jokingly around here.

But not really joking. I'll talk more about it later. Still turning it over in our minds, thinking it over.

Have you ever taken big steps away from the direction everyone else's life around you is going? Going AGAINST the so called "American Dream" of bigger houses, SUV's and materialistic things??

I think we are :)