Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Two Years Old {A day in Jonah's Life}

I've been feeling like time is flying by lately. Trying to savor every moment of this two-year old stage. Jonah's talking in complete sentences being the funniest, and we just love it. It could be our favorite age yet (but I say that about each new thing)! It is really so much fun.

Jonah's still a great sleeper. Most mornings I wake him up between 9-9:30 and get him ready for school. He sleeps hard and through the night. My working hours are 7:30 - 4:30 right now and am very thankful I can take him to school a little later (rather than at the crack of dawn!). For breakfast he is loving mini pancakes, fruit squeezes, blueberries and bananas. He is totally a little fruit fly and can down a pint of blueberries in two days!!

I pick him up from school and we spend our evenings playing baseball, going to the pool, and playing MORE baseball. Hands down that's still his favorite- he makes me sit in front of the sofa on the floor and pitch to him. If he hits the ball he throws his bat and runs through the breakfast area, kitchen and hall (it makes a big circle) while I cheer him on/chant his name for his "home run". Then he gives me a high five before he finds his bat and we start the process over again. It's seriously the cutest. I love it when he misses and yells, "A SWING AND A MISS!".

We've been going on family walks in the evenings and I love to run through the sprinklers with him (let's pretend it's not sewer water, m'kay?). The evenings go by so quickly- it's dinner, bath and bed.

Speaking of bedtime, he sleeps right in between Jeremy and I. I never thought I would be a fan of (semi) co-sleeping but I totally am. We talk about the day, count to 10, and say our bedtime prayers. Jonah prays this cute little prayer by himself now ("Thank you Jesus, Amen.") then says, "your turn, Momma" and "close you eyes!". So bossy. It's the perfect way to end the day. Jeremy usually stays up for another hour or so and then puts Jonah in his crib before he comes to bed. I love falling asleep next to my baby boy!! Cherishing the time because it really is going by so fast.

As of 8/25/14 he moved into the 2k class at preschool and he is no longer allowed to have his paci throughout the day at school (not even at nap). So we made a new rule- paci at bedtime only. He's adapted to that like a charm. He understands that it's bedtime only now. Something he says that really makes me laugh is- "wanna go night night, Momma", basically because he wants his paci. Smart little cookie!

Just wanted to write this down so I don't forget what two-years old looks like. He's at the cutest age and I love him so very much!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Jonah moved up to the two-year old class at his preschool yesterday morning (August 25th). He was ready for his "big class", but his Momma wasn't. I get so emotional with each new milestone. Just a Mom thing, I guess. I'm so thankful that his school has video cameras in the classrooms. I logged in and kept it up to check in on him throughout his first day. Love that feature of his school. His new 2k room also has a weekly tumble class in the school gym. Such a big boy now!

Here are Jonah's 2k milestones-

1. He can count to 10 by himself, in sequential order (he always forgets 3, it's pretty funny!).
2. He sings his ABC's by himself, but always out of order and kindof half-sings it. It's definitely not bold/strong without prompts.
3. He knows the following colors by sight and verbal recognition: red/blue/green/orange/black/white (sometimes gets yellow and purple).
4. He speaks really well. He knows exactly what he wants and can make a decision and let me know what he wants. His teachers comment on how well he is talking/communicating.
5. He has great manners! He says please/thank you/excuse me/bless you. We are working on the yes ma'am, and yes sir.
6. VERY strong willed/bossy. Like his Momma. And, a total clown like his Daddy. His favorite thing to say is, "that funny, Momma?" when he tries to make (and succeeds) me laugh.

LOVE my little 2k nugget SO much!

(I love the photo below best because he still looks like a baby love rubbing Cookie's tag on his little face!)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fall Kicks


I'm beefing up my fall wardrobe (because a girl can dream that fall will hit Texas one day soon, right?!) and thought I would share these great casual shoe options. I'm totally digging the sneaker trend right now because let's face it, I'm a sneaker girl all day, on the daily. 

I snagged the $20 pair of cheetah sneakers at Target last month (option three above) and have already worn them non-stop. Love them!! Cheetah is just a neutral in my book....

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tidbits and Target Finds

1. Life is great around here. Wonderful, actually. Just too busy to blog. Or, maybe I should say that my priority isn't blogging right now in my free time. I'm not too busy. I'm enjoying the last afternoons of summer with Jonah. Cooking delicious dinner for my fam and baking up delicious treats. Making play-dough treats with Jonah. Going for family walks. Trying to relax with my guys in the evenings. I've taken a bit of a blogging break this summer without realizing it, or even meaning to. Just life I suppose.

2. I do have lots in my head. This summer we have had a lot of changes and have taken pause to really reflect on our life (remember all of my vision posts?) and where we are going + how we want it to feel. This season of "pause" has allowed us to really get our priorities straight. It has been awesome. And freeing.

3. We are still in our town-home/apartment for a bit longer. I've researched areas in Houston and I'm pretty sure we've decided where we want to live. So, that's a big step. And because of #2 up there we will be in a position to act soon. More on that later. Just really thankful for the way God has his hand in our life and is directing our movements in ways that are totally (TOTALLY) unexpected. But so good. He's always good, y'all.

4. I went to Target last night and was shocked. I haven't been in over a month (or more!) and can count the number of times I've been in the store on one hand in the last six months. Dunno. Just not in the shopping at Target mood lately. Anyhow, I was pleasantly surprised by the fun things I saw in store. I snapped a few photos to share my faves with you-

This tapestry-like tote is so cute. Would be adorable this fall with chunky scarves and boots! 

Uhh. Target?? Is this really you?? These Euros ROCKED my socks off. Totally. The coral one was soft and completely perfect. The navy had a velvet texture going on that I loved. Mixed together these would be dy-nooo-mite on a bed. Maybe my bed. Hmmm.

Have I just missed these cute rugby striped storage bins in the past?? Cutest. Perfect for rounding up ALLLL the toys that come out to play each evening. Love the colors and the stripes. Good price point also!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Strickland Summer Vacation: 2014

We just got back from summer vacation and it was the most fun time ever. We visited Austin, Wimberley, San Marcos and San Antonio. We ate lots of delicious treats and celebrated being together in the BIGGEST way. Love my dudes to the moon and back!