Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Two Years Old {A day in Jonah's Life}

I've been feeling like time is flying by lately. Trying to savor every moment of this two-year old stage. Jonah's talking in complete sentences being the funniest, and we just love it. It could be our favorite age yet (but I say that about each new thing)! It is really so much fun.

Jonah's still a great sleeper. Most mornings I wake him up between 9-9:30 and get him ready for school. He sleeps hard and through the night. My working hours are 7:30 - 4:30 right now and am very thankful I can take him to school a little later (rather than at the crack of dawn!). For breakfast he is loving mini pancakes, fruit squeezes, blueberries and bananas. He is totally a little fruit fly and can down a pint of blueberries in two days!!

I pick him up from school and we spend our evenings playing baseball, going to the pool, and playing MORE baseball. Hands down that's still his favorite- he makes me sit in front of the sofa on the floor and pitch to him. If he hits the ball he throws his bat and runs through the breakfast area, kitchen and hall (it makes a big circle) while I cheer him on/chant his name for his "home run". Then he gives me a high five before he finds his bat and we start the process over again. It's seriously the cutest. I love it when he misses and yells, "A SWING AND A MISS!".

We've been going on family walks in the evenings and I love to run through the sprinklers with him (let's pretend it's not sewer water, m'kay?). The evenings go by so quickly- it's dinner, bath and bed.

Speaking of bedtime, he sleeps right in between Jeremy and I. I never thought I would be a fan of (semi) co-sleeping but I totally am. We talk about the day, count to 10, and say our bedtime prayers. Jonah prays this cute little prayer by himself now ("Thank you Jesus, Amen.") then says, "your turn, Momma" and "close you eyes!". So bossy. It's the perfect way to end the day. Jeremy usually stays up for another hour or so and then puts Jonah in his crib before he comes to bed. I love falling asleep next to my baby boy!! Cherishing the time because it really is going by so fast.

As of 8/25/14 he moved into the 2k class at preschool and he is no longer allowed to have his paci throughout the day at school (not even at nap). So we made a new rule- paci at bedtime only. He's adapted to that like a charm. He understands that it's bedtime only now. Something he says that really makes me laugh is- "wanna go night night, Momma", basically because he wants his paci. Smart little cookie!

Just wanted to write this down so I don't forget what two-years old looks like. He's at the cutest age and I love him so very much!!

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