Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Homemade Pretzels

I came across this blog post awhile ago and have had it bookmarked to make for quite some time. Yesterday was the perfect day. It was the end to a long, holiday weekend. One of those goods days that starts with the baby sleeping in (until 9:45!!) and me drinking my coffee + baking in peace and quite. Very good. My perfect kind of day if you add a little crafting + shopping and of course, iced coffee...

So, I made homemade pretzels. And by far, BY FAR this is my favorite treat that I've ever baked. So, so good.

I've worked with a lot of dough in my life, but never boiled any. Pretty cool to watch what happens when you drop these suckers in the water. I was a teensy bit nervous, but they are perfect. The recipe makes 10-13 depending on how big you cut the dough. I made both buttery and cinnamon sugar. I can't really decide which are my fave, but really- is there anything better than a hot, steamy pretzel brushed with butter right out of the oven?


Jeremy will be requesting these on the daily until I make them again. And honestly, they're so good that I kindof want to make them again today. And tomorrow.

Recipe via Nine + Sixteen Blog.

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