Monday, September 29, 2014

Thrifty Momma Finds

A couple of Wednesdays ago, while frantically trying to get myself dressed for church AND get Jonah bathed and dressed (a little Mom real talk there, right?!), I realized that Jonah has grown inches. He had ONE pair of casual orange pants that fit him. The rest were way too tight-- so tight that he complained about it when I tried to put a pair on him anyway- yes, total Mom fail moment!! So, I've been pondering how I want to go about getting his fall wardrobe set. 

Normally I buy for an entire season all at one time. It might sound crazy, but honestly it works for us. I spend about $100-$200 on basic play wear (think tees, shorts, casual shoes, etc..) and will add a few nicer pieces (smocked outfits and suspenders/bow-tie sets) for church + dressy occasions as the year progresses. He goes to school five days a week so I always make sure to get things than can be mixed and matched on a weekly basis. It's worked really well for us thus far.

A week or so ago one of my friends posted a photo on Instagram of her PILE of loot that she scored at Once Upon A Child, a child's consignment shop. Which just happens to have a location 4 miles from our apartment. She stopped in and found her little dude a TON of fall goodies and highly recommended that I go. Naturally, I wanted in on the thrifty action so I stopped in.

Jack. Pot.

Here's a fun preview of what I scored, AND what I saved. I mean. This is amazeballs, right?!

The total of all items in the photos is $63.00, y'all. That's sixty three dollars for fourteen items!! An average of $4.50 per item. All of the things that I selected for Jonah are in fantastic condition, hardly even worn actually. The mustard Baby Gap cords look brand new. Of course I'll still buy him new things that I come across, but this is just amazing. I kindof got a thrifter's high after this haul!! I've already washed these babies and they're good to go!! Really excited, y'all!!

How do you shop for your babes?? 


  1. So cute! I love to shop consignment for H, cute stuff + saving money makes me so happy. Teachers at school always think she is dressed so nice, little do they know....

  2. I'm so jealous! I've heard nothing but great things about Once Upon A Child but the closest one is 3 hours away. I'm planning on making a trip down as soon as I find out the sex of baby #2. Great finds!

  3. Amazing deals!! I have been on a huge ebay kick myself!! I also have been doing online shopping via Ebates...not kidding!! I received a check from purchasing through their website, which is just perfect for us because there is no shopping here!! I may check our Once Upon A Child to see if they have anything for my little man.