Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tidbits and Target Finds

1. Life is great around here. Wonderful, actually. Just too busy to blog. Or, maybe I should say that my priority isn't blogging right now in my free time. I'm not too busy. I'm enjoying the last afternoons of summer with Jonah. Cooking delicious dinner for my fam and baking up delicious treats. Making play-dough treats with Jonah. Going for family walks. Trying to relax with my guys in the evenings. I've taken a bit of a blogging break this summer without realizing it, or even meaning to. Just life I suppose.

2. I do have lots in my head. This summer we have had a lot of changes and have taken pause to really reflect on our life (remember all of my vision posts?) and where we are going + how we want it to feel. This season of "pause" has allowed us to really get our priorities straight. It has been awesome. And freeing.

3. We are still in our town-home/apartment for a bit longer. I've researched areas in Houston and I'm pretty sure we've decided where we want to live. So, that's a big step. And because of #2 up there we will be in a position to act soon. More on that later. Just really thankful for the way God has his hand in our life and is directing our movements in ways that are totally (TOTALLY) unexpected. But so good. He's always good, y'all.

4. I went to Target last night and was shocked. I haven't been in over a month (or more!) and can count the number of times I've been in the store on one hand in the last six months. Dunno. Just not in the shopping at Target mood lately. Anyhow, I was pleasantly surprised by the fun things I saw in store. I snapped a few photos to share my faves with you-

This tapestry-like tote is so cute. Would be adorable this fall with chunky scarves and boots! 

Uhh. Target?? Is this really you?? These Euros ROCKED my socks off. Totally. The coral one was soft and completely perfect. The navy had a velvet texture going on that I loved. Mixed together these would be dy-nooo-mite on a bed. Maybe my bed. Hmmm.

Have I just missed these cute rugby striped storage bins in the past?? Cutest. Perfect for rounding up ALLLL the toys that come out to play each evening. Love the colors and the stripes. Good price point also!

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