Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Jonah moved up to the two-year old class at his preschool yesterday morning (August 25th). He was ready for his "big class", but his Momma wasn't. I get so emotional with each new milestone. Just a Mom thing, I guess. I'm so thankful that his school has video cameras in the classrooms. I logged in and kept it up to check in on him throughout his first day. Love that feature of his school. His new 2k room also has a weekly tumble class in the school gym. Such a big boy now!

Here are Jonah's 2k milestones-

1. He can count to 10 by himself, in sequential order (he always forgets 3, it's pretty funny!).
2. He sings his ABC's by himself, but always out of order and kindof half-sings it. It's definitely not bold/strong without prompts.
3. He knows the following colors by sight and verbal recognition: red/blue/green/orange/black/white (sometimes gets yellow and purple).
4. He speaks really well. He knows exactly what he wants and can make a decision and let me know what he wants. His teachers comment on how well he is talking/communicating.
5. He has great manners! He says please/thank you/excuse me/bless you. We are working on the yes ma'am, and yes sir.
6. VERY strong willed/bossy. Like his Momma. And, a total clown like his Daddy. His favorite thing to say is, "that funny, Momma?" when he tries to make (and succeeds) me laugh.

LOVE my little 2k nugget SO much!

(I love the photo below best because he still looks like a baby love rubbing Cookie's tag on his little face!)

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