Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Y'all. Being real and expressing the good, bad (and yes, even the ugly) takes such guts. I've been really inspired lately by several blog posts that I've read from women who are being brave and sharing their REAL life.

There's just something about the blogging community that connects us in a really cool way. In my opinion it makes you more authentic. It takes bravery to publicly post that life isn't all rainbows and sparkles. I mean. We all want to see your rainbows and sparkles. Bring'em. But, in this very non-realistic social-media-makes-everything-look-shiny world that we live in, it's so refreshing to see women speaking truth about this topic!!

Here are a few posts I've read in recent weeks that have impacted me. Made me teary eyed. And, made me connect with their writing:

Lesley talking about being brave.

Stacie sharing in big, brave ways.

Sherah discussing motherhood.

Edie hitting the nail on the head about marriage.

Jenny talking about real life.

I'm so encouraged and inspired by these brave women who aren't afraid to put themselves out there and be real.  I hope you are also.

And, one more because their story is SO inspiring. Go read Ashley's post about God's faithfulness and how generosity ALWAYS wins!!

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