Friday, January 3, 2014

Ready for Action {Valentine's Day Wreath)

Our front door is ready for a little visitor action, y'all. Who wants to come over?

On the very first day of the 2014, I kicked it off right by having a little crafternoon session. I invited a friend (Hi, Brooke!) over, and we got down to business. And, by got down I mean...ignored our babies whining, crying and pulling on our clothes. Averted several major breakdowns and spilled more than a little juice + milk. You know. The good stuff.

We made Valentine's Day Wreaths. They are SO adorable if I do say so myself. And I do. I put together a simple tutorial for anyone that wants to give it a shot. Super easy + adorable.

Looped Flower:
1. Take a felt rectangle and cut it like a hot dog. Yep.
2. Take one of the hot dogs and fold it like another hot dog.
3. Cut the folded side (not all the way, or you will chop off your flower)
4. Twist into a roll. Hot glue. Or sew. Delight in it.
* You can also make a fringed flower by cutting the other side (the non-looped side) and rolling.

1. Cut a small (4-5") circle in felt.
2. Cut a spiral (the size of your spiral will determine the "height" of your rosette.
3. Fold towards the inside of the spiral, starting with the pointy end.
4. We found the easiest thing to do is hot glue as you go. Every so often. Voile. Done.

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