Monday, June 27, 2016

Camp Badger

For Jonah's fourth Birthday Jeremy built a playhouse and we named it "Camp Badger"....

It was a labor of love, built completely by Jeremy for his boy and I am so very proud of my Husband!!! With no prior wood working skills to speak of (does shop class in High School count?!) he tirelessly worked on this playhouse for 6 months straight. January to June, of 2016. This was our project.

He would come home from work (and let's get real, we are talking 12-13 hour days with his daily commute) and work on the playhouse. It is HOT in Texas y'all and he tirelessly worked on this beauty. Little by little making progress in the evenings and on weekends. The result is truly adorable, and unique!!

Made with love for his boy.

I got the idea from The Handmade Home. Our idea is based loosely on their Handmade Hideaway (which is SO cute!). Because we are rookies we took the idea, and tweaked it. Using it as a guide for what to do first, and so on. 

The general process-
1. Jeremy used four wooden crate bases as the "floor".  He braced them together underneath with added support beams and then built the base.
2. For the next step he framed the walls and secured them to the base
3. Next, he added cedar fence boards to the exterior as "planking" for a cottage look
4. Then he created the roof (here is where we got really crazy and winged it! Do you know how hard roof angles are?!) and added the tin roof
5.  I was responsible for all of the painting. I chose Jonah's favorite color (cookie monster) BLUE for the interior and classic white for the exterior
6. Lastly, he added the steps

We bought a small white peg board and added it for a little fun as well as this IKEA table and chair set. We also added a ship's wheel, compass and telescope for more imaginative fun. Jonah can pretend to cook (he likes me to come order at his window), play pirate chef, or just use it as a fun hideout. 

There are a few things I plan to add over time as Jonah grows but for now Camp Bader is perfect!! 

Cooking up burgers before 10am. My kind of restaurant!

Ahoy, Mates!! 

Thank you for loving Jonah (and me!) so well, Jeremy! We are THANKFUL for your love, influence and integrity every day!!

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