Friday, December 12, 2014

Stockings and Presents

This is the first year that Christmas actually means something to Jonah. He will be two and a half the day after Christmas and this holiday season has been just the best ever. To see the wonder in his little face when he sees a house lit up with Christmas lights.It's amazing. We pulled up to my parents house and he exclaimed in a high pitch little voice, "Ohhhh, Papa's lights are SO beauuutiful!!!" it totally made my Dad's day! :)

I have been making a point to do something special each week (go for a walk at dark to see the lights in our neighborhood, build our first gingerbread house together) to make the most of the holiday. Has this season always been so short?? It feels especially so now that he's growing and I want it to last and last.

We've been talking about the true meaning of Christmas with Jonah as much as possible. We've explained the Christmas story, read several books to him and are just trying to put the spirit of giving into his little mind. He's not so fond of it, really. It's pretty funny. We talk about giving presents to other little kids and he automatically says, "those toys are for me, Momma" and I gently remind him that they are not for him.

We adopted a 5 year old little boy named Josue for Christmas and picked out his presents carefully. I prayed over his gifts as I was wrapping. I know that sounds a bit silly but I just wanted to send extra blessings to him and his family this season. We are trying to teach Jonah in all the best ways about the JOY that comes from giving to others!! I am so thankful for my blessings big and small.

Along with giving to others- I've had the BEST time assembling Jonah's stocking stuffers. I have been thinking about it awhile now (nerd alert) and knew I wanted to give him fun, original toys and candy. I picked up the candy at Candylicious on West Alabama and most of the toys came from World Market. I was blown away by their fun toy section. So original! I can't wait to see Jonah's face when he tries Pop Rocks for the first time!! Also, if you squeeze the chicken a squishy egg (complete with yolk) pops out. It's the funniest! He's gonna love the chocolate tools, too.

Christmas is definitely for kids (okay, and Momma's too!)...

Happy Christmas, everyone!

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