Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

We had the most wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with our families. We started off in Bryan at Ammy and Bacca's house and celebrated with our family there and then traveled back home and Mims, Papa and my siblings met us here in Houston for a fun weekend of food and football! I am most thankful for all of our family, and can't imagine life without them!

Jonah helped me make sugar cookies and we painted them together on Tuesday night. I also made mini pumpkin pies, and mini pecan pies (failed miserably at the mini pecans...they all stuck to the pan and I almost cried. true story) as well as the BEST garlic cheese grits casserole. The sugar cookies turned out so cute (and they were delicious!)...

I have such a good, and intense little helper! ;)

Ammy's table was set so pretty for lunch on Thanksgiving Day! 

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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