Wednesday, September 14, 2016


15 weeks, y'all! It's so true. This pregnancy is flying by way faster than with Jonah. Maybe because I'm busy keeping up with him???

I decided to document my pregnancy in five week increments this go-around. I was super ambitious with him and documented it weekly- every five weeks will give me a little breathing room to ohhh, be busy keeping up with a four year old that has weekly soccer practice, games and just LIFE.

So here we are.

I've been craving all the sweet and sour things. Jelly Bellies. Gummy Bears. Sour Patch sno-cones. What in the heck. SO WEIRD.

1. I hate candy
2. I hate candy
3. I hate candy

Uhm, yeah. Jeremy just looks at me with a grin when I fill my little bag up to the brim of sour patch bears like a CHAMP.

I swear I'm already feeling little movements. The gurgling kind. Butterflies. Like my stomach is growling but not. I remember it from Jonah, but I am feeling it earlier than with him. I'm at that weird middle area where I do not look pregnant (at all) but I'm gaining a little weight so my clothes are getting tight and super uncomforatble around the mid-section.

I bought some maternity clothes and tried them on for Jeremy this weekend. Looks so funny!!! Definitely have an itty bump (more like a little food baby, really) but NO WHERE NEAR ready for those maternity digs. Feeling out of sorts about that.

Here are two recent photos with Jonah to document my size at 14 and 15 weeks-

14 weeks: September 11th, 2016

15 weeks: September 18th, 2016

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