Monday, October 3, 2016

Halloween Happenings

It's officially October so I can post the Halloween shenanigans that are going on around here. It's been so fun (more than previous years) to decorate for Halloween because as I add little things here and there around the house Jonah freaks out. Loves it!!

His favorite parts are the spiderwebs on our light fixtures. He said, "Mom! My friends are gonna be sooooo scared at the spooky spiders!!" and was pleased as punch at our decor.

Mission accomplished. I don't decorate for anyone but my little fam-bam gang. And I love to do it for every single big (and little) holiday. So. Here's how House of Strickland is looking these days...

our front door decor- 
I made the wreath and garland last year and it was so simple! Followed a YouTube tutorial!

Spooky little spider hanging out on our entry way lantern 

The dining room

Small glitter pumpkins from Walmart! $1 each, y'all!!

This bench & little nook is in our entry. 
I always decorate the Celebration Tree for each holiday.

The fireplace mantle. Jonah is really proud of these spiders. 
(Garland, spiders & web from Walmart. Light up pumpkin from Hobby Lobby)

Breakfast Nook

Y'all. I have found soooo many cute things at Walmart this year. I know. Fall over dead. But the spider web, little spiders, mantle garland, & candy corn wreath in our breakfast area (how CUTE is it for just $19?!?!), as well as all the little glitter pumpkins ($1 each!!) came from none other than Walmart. Oh! And our cute little Boo Y'all front door mat. I had no idea how much they've stepped their decor game up, but seriously. Loving it. I spent $20 and it made a huge impact on our space.

I painted some regular gold chargers with black chalkboard paint I had sitting around and made the cutest little chalkboard chargers for the dining room. And my personal favorite part of the decor will always be the Halloween salt dough ornaments I made of Jonah's little hands and feet. Hands down my favorite treasure!

I love me some Halloween!! How are you celebrating this new Fall season?! 

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