Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jonah's First Astros Game

You guys know I love a good plan, right? Jeremy and I planned to take Jonah to his first Astros game the Sunday after his birthday. June 29th. Which is actually Jeremy's birthday, so it was going to be a grand birthday adventure. I mean. I even ordered + purchased a monogrammed t-shirt for the occasion, y'all. I'm that kind of planner. Ahem.

So, of course, things didn't go the way I planned. But in this case, it was so much BETTER.

Yesterday afternoon Jeremy tweeted a photo of Jonah wearing his Astros cap after the GM asked fans why they should win tickets to last night's game. He actually selected Jeremy's photo/tweet of Jonah and gave us KILLER seats between the Astros dugout and home base. I mean. I could literally SEE the dudes sweating and getting nervous before they hit. We've sat close to the action before, but neeeever ever this close.

We headed out as soon as Hubs got home from work and made it to the field a little before 6pm (thank the good Lord above traffic was in our favor!). We actually watched batting practice and tried to get several players autograph before the game started. No luck chuck. Honestly, Jeremy and I were both a little disappointed about it until we got to our seats at game time.

Fourth row.

Sitting beside the coaches wife. And, even better....

Three rows behind NOLAN freaking RYAN. 

I mean. I think Jeremy just about died and went to baseball heaven. So, of course his night was made when Mr. Ryan agreed to sign a game ball that Jose Atuve tossed our way earlier in the evening. Century made for Hubs. I think he was probably more excited last night than on our wedding day (I just laughed out loud because y'all KNOW that I'm telling the truth!!!). Jonah obviously could care less about an autographed ball, but I love that we made the memories together and he has a little treasure his sweet Daddy can tell him about when he's older.

We ate hotdogs and nachos and sang "Deep in The Heart of Texas" at the top of our lungs. It goes down as one of the best family nights ever.

Lastly, I just have to point out that Jonah has never, ever been interested in any cartoons and will not watch a single movie. Not interested at all. Y'all. He sat his bum in the chair and watched THREE PLUS HOURS of jam-packed baseball. I can already tell he's gonna be my little ball player. He was so adorably intent. Watching the pitcher throw the ball and then he would squeal "oooooh" when the batter struck out. Cutest ever!!!

Okay, no more talky. Here is our proof-

Peace, Love and Baseball!!

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