Saturday, October 17, 2015

Jonah's "Werk" Party

Jonah turned 3 in June and more than anything wanted a "werk" party. He loooooves to work on stuff (take things apart, fiddle with things, shove things where they shouldn't belong) you know. Normal boy stuff, right?!

His wish was my command. Obviously because parties are my JAM, y'all.

I started by making a trip to the Home Depot. That place is just my fave. I found a bunch of great stuff to craft with (I didn't stutter. The Home Depot! Crafts!!), and started with caution and wet paint banners. They were seriously the cutest (and so cheap).

We had TONS of moving boxes still in the garage because we had only moved in a couple of weeks (ahem, two) previously so I grabbed a couple of large boxes and made Jonah some fun werk vehicles!!

We had pizza, and lots of delicious treats. I made the kids a box lunch and put them in the living room at our coffee table (the construction site!) and they loooooved it. It was such a fun night, Jonah totally had a blast!!

And, here are a few more photos from his actual birthday and family celebration-


 He requested a waffle on the morning of his birthday!

LOVE my big 3 year old!!!!

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