Tuesday, November 12, 2013

House Happenings

You should have seen it comin'...

I took an evening and knocked this out. Jonah woke up from his afternoon nap and was AMAZED. He will be 17 months old in two weeks and it is so cool to see him figure things out. He's loving the tree so I'm really happy I went with my gut and dragged everything out.

What had happened was...

Exhibit A) My tree is 9' tall and our fab apartment (ahem) has 8' ceilings. I'm not gonna let a little thing like that get me down, though. Right? Rigged that sucka.

Exhibit B) I worked nutcracker market setup for our retail division. I was responsible for the entire Christmas area setup...which included all of the displays. Sooo obviously it wasn't enough to have scratches from 1,000 feet of garland on my hands/arms/face. I wanted MORE. Uh huh.

And lastly, Exhibit C) There are approximately 6 massive tubs of fragile Shiny Brite vintage ornaments & one of a kind treasures that will not be making an appearance this year. My apologies. I couldn't chance that my cookie monster would knock this entire tree over (or pull it over?? throw something at it?? run into it??) and they would be demolished. Not gonna happen. I just pulled out all of the squishy yarn ornaments and he's having the TIME of his little life taking them off the tree and throwing them around. I'm sure they will never be the same. All of the fab ornaments will make an appearance next year in our new abode (Yesss!).

Okay, I lied. One last thing. I snapped this photo to show you that an old dog CAN learn new tricks...

Since our Christmas tree is now in the exact place this little side table was, I moved it over here by the sofa. DUDE. Why didn't I do that six months ago? Love it here, it's super cozy now. Even Hub noticed and commented on it. I mean. He doesn't notice anything. Ever. Goes to show you that you can (much) improve your spaces by just MOVING things around. Hmm.

Happy week, y'all. I'll be around.

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  1. I love your style! I need to branch out more! Great blog. :)