Tuesday, November 19, 2013

So. I went to China.

I left on Sunday, October 20th and returned home October 30th. Ten whole days. On the trip over I few from Houston to San Francisco, and then to Hong Kong. Coming home I flew from Hong Kong to Tokyo and then to Houston. Woooowza. Y'all. It was the longest flight of my entire life (and longest time away from my Hub and little Chunk), but SUCH an amazing opportunity!!
We stayed in Hong Kong, and then traveled to Guangzhou for a couple of days. Each city was unique, but HK was my fave. It's just so insanely impressive. Seriously.
Ch-ch-check it out...
My first morning in Hong Kong. The view from L'Hotel Nina, our hotel.

The view from my bed. I mean. Seriously.

Huge petrified wood chunks in the halls of the Hotel.

Out and about in HK.

1881 Heritage, once the HQ of the Hong Kong Marine Police. SO cool!!

Shanghai Tang. Look it up.

My first view of Guangzhou, China!

Working at the Canton Fair

Fish Market in Hong Kong. Literally one block from our hotel. Hong Kong is the coolest mix of old and new. Traditions and modern thinking.

Ngong Ping Cable Cars in Hong Kong


Looking towards Tai O Fishing Village & Lantau Island

Tai O Fishing Village

Ferry ride back to Hong Kong

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