Monday, November 4, 2013

Letting Go {On Being a Momma}

Today was Jonah's first day of school in Texas.

He went to daycare in Alabama from the time he was 12 weeks old, until we moved here in February of this year. He would have been eight months old when we moved. I've been worried that he wouldn't remember how to be social, and also how to function without me. Honestly, the reality of it is-- I was more than a little worried about how I would feel after being with him for so many months now. I was hating the thought of being without him during the day.

We both had the best day. And, I have such a peace about it.

I did my research on schools in our area, even went so far as to read specific reports from the Texas DFPS. I'm that Momma and quite proud of it. I want my child to be in a safe and wonderful environment every day!! So, we selected a facility and toured it last week. It was love at first sight for me. Open, bright, cheerful and accountable. We can login and view him at anytime during the day on his classroom video feed. The child to teacher ration is 7:3 (looove that), and the teachers are permanent in his classroom, not floaters.

I said all of that to say that he had the best first day. I hoped it would be easy on him. And me, if I'm being honest. It was MUCH harder on me, than him. Jonah had a great day, took a nap on his nap mat (I mean, hello. If I tried that business at home he wouldn't have any part of it!!).

Being a Momma is tough work, y'all. Regardless of whether you are a stay at home Momma, or a work outside of the home Momma, just being a Momma is difficult! Yet. The most rewarding job, ever. Letting go so your babies can can learn, and grown and become an individual is so rewarding. Loving them so much it could quite literally break your heart.

I want to remember these "first" feelings. Jonah will always be my baby. I'm really enjoying the seasons that parenthood is bringing us (yes, even these new "fits" he has started throwing when he doesn't get his way. Mercy!!). It's just an incredible journey.

I loved the little smile on his face today after school. He made sure we had paci and cookie and his little (bigger than he is) backpack.

I love you to the moon, Jonah Knox!!

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