Monday, August 29, 2016


My sweet, rascal moved up to Pre-K four this week, and boy was he READY! He loves school passionately- he is very social. Likes to be on the move, playing and socializing. School is all he knows (I've worked since he was twelve weeks old), and I am so thankful that we've found the BEST school for our boy. We love the Weekday program!

Here are a few snapshots from his first week in the FOURS-

(Jonah has decided he wants long hair again, so we are in the process of growing it out. It's more than a little painful for me each morning because he wakes up with crazy bed head!!)

Here are some thoughts I had as his Pre-K THREE year ended this past May:

Jonah has had the best time in his 3 year old Dino class. Some things he's learned this year I want to remember:

-responsible for putting away his belongings (back pack, lunch box, folder and water) each morning into the correct bin
- how to spell his name, and began learning to write it as well
- memorized the class rules, and is especially fond of quoting rule #3 "no booger picking"
- Independently retrieves his lunch, opens everything and then throws it away and stows once finished 

-completely potty trained at the beginning of the school year (I was nervous he wouldn't make it in time) and learned to pull up his undies and snap/unsnap jeans
- loves to go to chapel each day and sing "strong and courageous"

So proud of our little guy. He's creative, social and so funny!!

Last day of Pre-K THREE. Too busy talking to his buddies to smile for Mom!

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