Friday, September 6, 2013

Fall Faves

Soooo, I live in Texas now. Honestly, I'd forgotten how blazing hot it is here. I miss Birmingham terribly. It's a bittersweet realization. Fall was my absolute favorite there.

Alas, here in Texas we're not even remotely close to Fall weather yet. The temps are still in the 100's all day e'ry day, but I can still pretend, right?! Okay, good. I'm glad you agree.

Heart Sweater // Necklace Tee // Outfit by JCrew // Outfit by Gap

Wanna discuss?

This season I'm buying those adorable wedges from Target ($30!!). I tried them on last night and they are so adorable (cuter on, than pictured!!). I also love the sweaters/cardigans at Target right now. You can't beat the price points. I will probably splurge on a few pieces from JCrew & Anthro and mix it all up, together. I went in Kohl's the other night looking for a cute shirt that I saw on insta, and OH BOY!! Have you guys been in there lately?! GO. TODAY. In my opinion they have the cutest things right now. Tons of chambray shirts and fun polka dots (plus sequins & jewels!). The leopard flats and clutch from Gap are classics. They would probably last a couple of seasons. Navy and black will (of course) be staples in my wardrobe this fall mixed with denim and lots of stripes. I'm pretty predictable + classic.

What are you guys wearing this fall? I can't be the only one sharing! Spill it...


  1. You tried them on and liked them? The wedges? I have been eyeing them too but normally hate Target shoes. I am a shoe comfort snob!

    1. I did! But honestly, I don't wear heels/wedges long enough any more for it to make a difference (I work from home in cuuuute sweats! Lol!) Try them on and see what you think. The height was perfect for me, and they fit well (for the ten seconds that I had them on!)...