Monday, September 2, 2013

Pom Love {Pom Pom Tutorial}

Please raise your hand if you love pom poms as much as I do. Yea?? Good. Cause I'm showing some pom love today. Let's discuss.

I don't own a pom maker. That hasn't stopped me from making hundreds of poms over the last three years. I mean... why let a little thing like that squash your creativity?! I've made poms for Jonah's nursery, poms for gifts, pom garland for parties & decor. I have no idea why I haven't just gone out and purchased one, but I haven't. Honestly, it's so easy I didn't even think about one. Anyhow, I thought I would share how I currently whip out quick + easy peasy poms. They aren't perfect but they sure are cute!!

Step 1: Gather your yard, and start wrapping around the base of your finger.
Step 2: Make sure to keep your fingers spread (to make the pom larger) and wrap the yarn around your fingers 50-60 times. (You can play around with the thickness as you start to make them. I've found that with my palm size, this is the perfect number of wraps to make full poms.)
Step 3: After you've wrapped it all up, cut your yarn.
Step 4: Cut a 6-9" section of yarn and lay it on a flat surface. Carefully remove the yarn that's wrapped around your hand and lay it on the cut portion.
Step 5: Wrap the cut portion around your yard and tie in a tight knot. (Make sure you pull tight when you knot it! This is the key for secure poms that don't fall apart easily!!)
Step 6: This is a photo of what it should look like once you've tied it up nice and tight.
Step 7: Take your scissors and cut the looped portion of one side. This released all of your little yarn squiggles. I know. That's pretty precise directions, right? Thank me later. Do the same for the other side.
Step 8: Trim your pom. Play around with the length. You can make it super trim or leave it a little messy. I usually leave mine messy. Y'all know.

Annnnd, then make a bunch of other colored poms and delight in them. String them up. Make a garland. Add a single pom to a gift box. Fill a vase with fun fall colored poms. The possibilities are endless and this is SUCH a fun + cheap project. One roll of yarn is $3, and makes TONS of poms.

Instagram your photos with the hashtag #pompomsarefab


ps. Happy Labor Day!!

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