Thursday, October 17, 2013

Little Trendsetter {What Jonah's Wearing}

Look at that nugget.

Have I mentioned how fun it is to dress a little guy?? I mean. How stinkin' adorable is he?! Yes, I'm partial. Jonah's at the most fun age yet... (Although I've thought every stage was just THE best. Funny how that works...) I love finding fun pieces and pairing them together to make adorable outfits for him. I am pretttty partial to cute little Momma's boys!

Anytime I see affordable + fun leggings I snatch them up. I love his chunky legs in them. The leggings he's wearing above were in the girls (gasp!) section at Target for $5 bucks. I mean. Come on. Why wouldn't I buy those?! His little hoodie is my fave. It's from Baby Gap. The shoes are Converse and he pretty much wears them every single day. We love them so much I bought the next size up in a different color. Win win.

Here's a similar outfit that I plan to put Jonah in. I've already purchased the Converse High-Tops. So adorable, y'all! Sources below.

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