Tuesday, July 22, 2014

50 Things {Vision}

If you've been following my blog for a few weeks you know that we are focusing on our family (and personal) vision lately. We're actually doing a series on it at church since we're officially half-way through the year. It's actually pretty awesome. A lot of times we make these grand (or even small) goals at the beginning of the year, but don't have a check up mid-way through the year. Have I stuck to anything I said I was going to do in January?? Have I grown in this area or that?

It has been amazing to really think this through and become better equipped to achieve our goals. Have you written any of your personal goals? Actually written them out. Put them on paper. Typed them up? It's amazing what a freeing feeling that is. There's something about writing it out that makes it real. And alive. Like, we can do this. This is where we are going.

Our "homework" at church on Sunday was to make a list of the 50 most important things to us
(Yes, I am secretly the nerd who gets GIDDY about homework like this. Jeremy totally rolled his eyes at me IN church. For shame.)

Example questions to ask yourself-

What do I want to achieve for my children?
What cities do I want to visit?
What benevolence goals do I have?
What do I want my life to feel like?
What material goals do I want to achieve?
What relationships do I want to have?

So. I started on my 50 things last night. It's a big list. Sounds simple right? Well. I'm totally stuck on number 28 right now. Honestly it's been a little eye-opening to see what I write (sounds strange, yes) but, who knew I had these dreams? And, why don't we allow ourselves TO dream more?? Why does dreaming feel like a waste of time to me? Why don't I have more BIG dreams? Why have I limited myself (and God!!) in the dream department?

I think my love of planning gets in the way sometimes (a lot of the time). Because I want to have this grand plan and for things to go THIS way that I think it should which sort of eliminates God in the equation. Sounds terrible (and it is!) but honestly I'm really glad to be learning. It's okay to not have a detailed-by-the-hour-plan. It's okay to write your goals and dreams and vision. And then to allow God to work in your life (in a way that you might not have thought possible, or even dreamed BIG enough to get!).

 Just interesting things that I'm learning the more we dig into this vision stuff.


Otherwise we are having cuddle time + pool time + pizza night + grand summer fun over here at Casa de Strickland.

I made this pizza dough on Sunday morning before church.
And this sauce last night.
And this was the result-

Happy Tuesday!

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