Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Vision {A Purposeful Life}

Goodness. Where do I even start. I've been (suspiciously) silent on the blog for awhile regarding anything deeper than party crafts and pom poms. Just wrestling with things in my head a bit. I've felt very restless for a couple of months now. God has been tugging at my heart, gently urging me to think about life. Become a bit more uncomfortable.

What is the vision for my life? 
What is the vision for our life?

And, of all things (not happenstance)- finding + focusing on our vision is the theme of a new sermon series we started at our church this past Sunday. The year is officially half-way over. We're closer to Christmas than January. It really struck a chord in me. Am I moving in the direction I want to go in for 2014? Most importantly, has my relationship with Christ deepened in the last six months? The answer to that kind of wounds me. The sermon on Sunday was spot on. I'm incredibly excited to get back to the basics and focus on the vision for our family. And, even more exciting- pray about this very topic and write out our vision together.  Yes, the year is half-over, but I'm determined to make it count.

You cannot frame your future without a vision.
You cannot get far without a plan.
With eyes focused on your vision, you lose sight of the easy distractions on each side.

This is something that Jeremy and I have determined to get better at. Conversations about our life, the future. What we want out of life and what goals we want to achieve. Our life plan, together. It's really, really easy to just live day to day. In the routine. Especially with young kiddos, I think. Real, deep conversations aren't had around here often enough. 

So we're starting this week. Jonah is headed to his Grandparents for a couple of days and Jeremy and I will be able to spend some time together. Here are some of the bigger things we're determined to start a conversation about-
  • Retirement (that word sounds silly to my ears right now) 
  • The vision for our family
  • Creating our will (another word that I dread to say out loud)
  • Family (and personal) Goals
  • Our careers 
  • Jonah's future 
  • Our future family 
  • Location 
  • A "less is more" life (more on that later this week)
I have tons of jumbled thoughts flying around my brain about our life and where we are today, what I thought our life should look like at this point in the year (or our life, really) versus what it really looks like today. And, what this pruning season in life really means. 

I'll be back with more conversations about this topic. I just wanted to write it down. Get it out.

I would love to know if you've read any new books lately that have pushed you (made you uncomfortable, even) and inspired you? Please do share!!


  1. "A Tale of Three Kings" was a really good read. Adam and I read it together and it seriously challeneged our thinking on how we view others. It has super short chapters which meant we read it one night a week and finished it in about 3 weeks.

  2. Retirement and wills are something we really focused on when H was born. Both important! And as much as we talk about careers and location, some of my husband's job is a little hard to predict so I try not to stress myself out by wondering where were are going to be in 5 years. But the less is more is totally me, I love to clean stuff out and purge. It makes me feel less stressed when I have less stuff!