Thursday, July 3, 2014

Stars and Hearts

I disassembled Jonah's birthday celebration tree yesterday evening and put up a few July 4th pretties. When Jonah noticed what I was doing he came over to "hep you Momma". He immediately pointed to the decor and said, "stars, heart, boom-boom" and patted his little chest. Uhm. How does he know that he has a heart? And, it goes boom-boom?! Jeremy and I just looked at each other like, oooookay. He's a brainy one, that Jonah Knox. And I love him to pieces.

And, I love celebrating life. So, we put up some yarn poms, pulled out the star garland and celebrate it. Freedom. Life. Family. I am thankful to live in the US of A!

We have a long weekend headed our way, and I'm thankful for that too.
Happy Independence Day, y'all!

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