Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dear Cookie, I love you!

You guys. We made Jonah a larger than life Cookie Monster prop for his birthday party. It was a HUGE hit. Especially to him, which was just what I intended. He LOVES "big" Cookie (as he's been calling it). It was also a big impact for little cost, which is awesome! Love DIY projects like this! I thought it would be fun to share how we did it with you-

Step 1- Purchase a large sheet of insulation at Lowe's or Home Depot ($14)
Step 2- Purchase paint (we used a small tub or trial paint that I had them mix at Lowe's ($3)
Step 3- Draw your shape!
Step 4- Cut that sucker out (I drew, and my handy hubs cut him out using a razor)
Step 5- Paint! I did three coats of blue on this big monster. I did not paint the rear (ain't nobody got time for that). Then I painted his eyes & mouth, arms and the "2".
Step 6- Prop him up! You can glue a stake to the back or create a prop from simple plywood. We used tape (yes!) and taped him to the post with clear packing tape. It totally worked.

and then, PARTY!!!

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