Thursday, March 20, 2014

Oxford, Mississippi

This past weekend we traveled to Oxford, Mississippi for a wedding that Jeremy was a groomsman in. Honestly, being from Texas I'd never even heard of the town before we received the wedding invite. I wasn't sure what to expect, and wow. It could be my favorite place ever. Ever, ever.

I'm so enamored with the small town charm and delicious food. Oxford is home to Ole' Miss and is a southern town to the very core. The Square, where the county courthouse is located, is home to dozens of boutiques (Hinton and Hinton was Hubs favorite) and quaint little cafes. Don't let the laid back atmosphere fool you though, this is definitely a foodie town. I'm still dreaming about the shrimp and grits I had for breakfast on Saturday morning (topped with two fried eggs, no less). So freaking good. If you're ever in the area, Big Bad Breakfast is a must.

We've been back in Texas a good year now and I've almost forgotten how much I love the south. Texas is not the south, y'all. We managed to hit up a fab antique mall while we were there and I seriously remembered why I loved Birmingham so much. Why did we move back??........

We had the best time together. It was a much needed mini-vacation. I love my man so much, and I'm so happy to have gotten to spend some face time with him.

Jonah was happy as a lark to be spoiled rotten with my Brother and sweet Sisterinlaw. Thanks for keeping him you guys! (:


I went straight from Oxford to Houston. We got home around 10pm on Sunday night, then I had a 3am wake-up call for my 5am flight on Monday morning. Uhhh. Firstly, I am NOT a fan of Vegas. Don't care if I ever go back. Yuck (although I did have some great food). And secondly- I went to sleep at 7:42 pm last night. Out like a light. Jeremy said he got home around 9ish and could hear me snoring from the stairs. True story. I was exhausted.

I'll be back around soon.
Happy weekending!

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