Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Posh Tot {Spring Style Round-Up}

I knew the day would come. The day that Jonah magically grew out of all of his (size 6) shoes and clothes. I've tried to be prepared and buy ahead for upcoming seasons when I found things on sale, but ya know. Life happens. We're officially in 2T in most things and size 7 toddler shoe. The shoe size is what really gets me. How is that even possible?! I remember when I bought him Tiny Toms, size 1. Waaaah. Breaking Momma's heart a little more everyday.

Homeboy doesn't have very many 2T spring/summer clothes right now. It's time to stock up, so I've been scouting my fave websites for cute things for my little nugget. Let me rephrase that. Cute things that are currently on sale. Let's face it. I don't really pay full price unless it's a special occasion outfit, or something I think we just have to have. Otherwise, his daily play-wear can all be found on sale. Smart + thrifty women are sexy, y'all!

Here's a round up of my favorite styles in stores now (not linking each individual thing, all of these pieces are on the specific websites listed below).

So many cute options on Baby Gap. Jonah lives in their play shorts and sweatpants. They're the best for everyday play. I like the way their pants + jeans fit, and he can stay in a size for quite awhile. Love that now that he's growing like a little weed. I hit up their additional 40% off clearance quite often. Don't pay full price for anything at Gap, y'all. That would be practically a sin. It all goes on sale every other day!


I'm pleasantly surprised by OshKosh's spring selection. I popped into their outlet store last weekend here in Houston and got quite a few things for Jonah. I had a 20% off coupon for a $40 purchase and got great deals! Their woven belts are adorable and the denim shirt is SO cute in person! Their sister site, Carter's, has cute tees for play that are only $6 right now! You can't beat $6 tees for school. Jonah is very independent and eats exclusively by himself which equals terribly messy clothes!

H&M kids is my favorite! Jonah has several pair of the jeans + suspenders and they are the cutest on!! They are the best for basic pieces that are completely on trend. Their prices are reasonable and are just so adorable.

Have you guys found any amazing deals or adorable styles for your tot lately? If so, where? Would love to know details!

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  1. We are right there with ya! We just went to H&M Monday and got a few things in their size 1 1/2-2yr. Wrenly is still in 24 month pants but is up to 2T in shirts- how did this happen? :) Target is always a good place for a quick find too