Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Take Note Tuesday {Three Things}

1. This cheerful polka dot parka is bright enough to in to inject cheer in any gloomy, rainy, cold, dreary day!
3. Classic Hunter wellies in crisp-go-with-everything navy. 


Texas weather is just bizarre. This past weekend it was summer-like warm and today the trees are loaded down with ice and the high is 45 degrees. Insanity. No wonder Jonah stays sick with the bi-polar cold/hot/cold/hot. Poor baby! 

Despite the weather we are just loving this week. Jeremy will be home with us every single night! Last night I made Smitten Kitchen's Tomato Sauce with Onion and Butter. Uhmm. Y'all. Jeremy took the leftovers to work today and he's not a huge leftover fan. Definitely a keeper recipe (and SO quick to throw together). We had it with baked chicken breasts and garlic roasted asparagus. YUM. 

Happy Tuesday, party peeps... 

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