Monday, March 24, 2014

Some Things

I just have a few thoughts this Monday-

1.  Jonah has started saying funny things and I'm going to keep record of them here. Last night he kept saying "naww-na", and patting his chest. Yes, that's right. Your name is Jonah (LOVE that he knows his name now!!). And you are adorable. Except when you say "no mine mommies", which means that's MINE, Mommy. Not yours. Haa.

2.  I want to encourage Jonah in every aspect of his life to go and see the world. Move off to college (even though it will break my heart!!), travel and see how other people live (that's how you realize that you are MORE than blessed in your own life),  make lasting life-long friendships- work hard at them and be a friend to others. And I want to celebrate every accomplishment big and small with him. I never want my own selfish desires to hamper his life, or him to ever think twice about how happy I am for him and his choices (even when they don't line up with what I would have him choose).

3. The more I find to love about our little town-home, the more I actually do love it. I'm working on Jonah's room and also another fun kitchen project I will share soon. I think we'll be here a bit longer.

4.  Being a family unit with Jeremy + Jonah and making memories this summer is something I'm really looking forward to! Can't wait for mini-vacations and weekend adventures together.

5.  Planting potted flowers + berries + herbs makes me a happy Momma. We have (I would say grand, but you'd laugh if you saw what I call our "patio". It's certainly not GRAND as far as square footage is concerned!) plans for our little outdoor space. Can't wait to share those with y'all.

And, that's it. Finding JOY in my life today. Choosing it, actually (which makes it even better) and being positive. Happy Monday, y'all.

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