Monday, March 10, 2014

Stencil Love {Birmingham Entryway}

Let the record show that I am not afraid of color and pattern. I thought it would be fun to revisit our entry project from our Birmingham house. It feels like an eternity ago now, but I still love my bold navy entry way that took me umpteen hours to painstakingly stencil.

I bought the Moroccan-ish stencil from Hobby Lobby on a whim. I worked on it during the afternoons when I got home from work (many afternoons), and although it took forever it wasn't difficult. Just required a lot, LOT of patience and good music :)

Here's the boring plain jane vanilla/grey before:

Speaking of grey, the paint color (Sherwin Williams "Amazing Gray")  is still one of my all time favorites! It has more of a cool blue undertone, but in the warm sunlight it's perfect. I will definitely use it again on our future home.


Have you ever attempted a BIG, overwhelming project that turned out better than you ever expected?! Link up in the comments below, if so- we would love to see...

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