Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Traditions + Treats

Easter is such a special holiday. Celebrating the risen One that died for us. Amazing Grace it truly is! Celebrating an occasion so special gives it a certain importance. It's the BEST celebration!!

Like other holidays, Easter feels a little more special now that we have Jonah. Last year was his very first Easter and I wanted to start a fun tradition with him. I ordered a custom hand-painted Easter basket and plan to use it year after year. Basically until he goes off to college. Ha. I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out, y'all! 

Last year he was too little to understand an egg-hunt and this year he's LOVING the thrill of the hunt + opening the eggs to find "nandy". My boy loves him some candy. And I love finding little treasures to put in his basket. This year the "Easter Bunny" is bringing Jonah a basketball hoop for the tub, a blue (his favorite color is blue. If you ask him the color of anything, it's "boo".) bubble wand, sidewalk chalk, new sunglasses and some other goodies. He's gonna be SO egg-cited. See what I did there? 

Yesterday I had my first big Mom fail moment. I signed up to bring pizza and treats to Jonah's class party/egg hunt. I was all prepared for it today. Annnnd, it was yesterday. I picked up Jonah and he met me at the door with a paper (ugh) bag full of eggs. I'm sure it will be funny in a few years, but yeah. NOT so funny yesterday. Poor babies didn't get their pizza!! I felt terrible. 

Regardless of missing (!!!) the class party I still took his teachers delicious treats today. They forgave me. I made extra large Blondie Bars (for my BLONDE moment. But not really.) for them and used cute treat bags. Simple + cute. Here's the link to the Smitten Kitchen recipe.

Happy Easter, y'all. I hope you enjoy the time with those you love the most!

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