Monday, April 14, 2014

Play-date Style {What Jonah's Wearing}

Remember chatting a few weeks ago about Jonah growing out of all of his clothes? True story. He's gained a couple of pounds and has grown an inch at least over the last two months!! He's such a little man now, talking like crazy and bossing me around. It's the cutest (until it's not cute, if ya know what I mean).

I had several coupons that I was saving so I stocked up on fun (and inexpensive!) basics and I'm having the most fun mixing and matching it up..

All items shown are from Carter's, OskKosh, Baby Gap, and Old Navy.
(Most of these should be current and in stores right now)
You can find the converse online or in stores now.

And- I picked up these cute slip on's at Old Navy a few weeks ago and they have been the BEST buy. Jonah loves to splash in puddles and they're great for slipping on quickly (they don't come off, either!) and if they get dirty/muddy you can just rinse them off.


Happy Monday, y'all! 
I hope everyone has a splendid Easter week.

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  1. Wish I had thought of color-scheming like this! Smart Mama!