Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Night Night

The last couple of nights our bedtime routine has NOT been fun around here. Somehow we (okay, I) got into the habit of allowing Jonah to hang out in my bed and watch Veggie Tales before he went to sleep. Jeremy is always working at night so we just vegged out in Momma's bed. He inevitably would fall asleep in our bed and then I would just transfer him to his crib when I got ready for bed. Welllllll, this turned into a habit. He expects to "sleep" in our bed now.

So yeah. For the last few months this is what's been going down. And sometimes I would fall asleep and NOT transfer him to his crib and end up with elbows and feet in my back. Fun times. This past Sunday night I decided that he needed to get him back into the routine of sleeping in his own bed.

Uhmm. He screamed for 53 minutes.

I have a very, very strong-willed child on my hands.

But, I'm pretty strong willed too. I went into his room every 15-20 minutes and picked up his Cookie and Paci (that he had thrown across the room) hand them back to him and repeated the process saying, "night night, Jonah" each time. Finally, finnnnnally he conked out. It was absolutely pitiful and I almost gave in and went and rescued him a bajillion times. Momma probs.

But honestly. I want to be able to stay up late and do my own thing if I want (CRAFT) past his bedtime. I want to be able to cuddle with my big dude. And get a good night's rest. Whew. He has been pointing his little finger upstairs and telling me it was time for US to go to my bed and go to sleep when he was tired. Bossy little britches.

Anyhow, I'm happy to report that he didn't make a peep last night when Jeremy put him to bed. This will be his fourth night back in his crib.

Momma is sleeping sound, y'all. It's the small victories. I'm sure I'll have to repeat this process once I get back from China. Whew.

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