Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Stripes + Sperrys + Chambray

You know how everyone talks and talks about how everything is different after you become a Mom? And its all this really scary talk before you actually become one. I remember getting upset when people told me to "enjoy that while it lasts" about this or that activity + adventure. Eh. I don't really agree. I understand their meaning now, but having Jonah hasn't changed what I like to do, where we go, or anything about me personally.

And, becoming a Mom hasn't changed my sense of style in the least. If anything, it has made me more confident as a woman and a little more fun. More playful and easy going, if you will. I'm not the girl that wears designer clothing and probably never will. I'm a Gap girl. You'll find me in stretchy pants most days with a messy top knot. The coolest thing has happened over the last couple of years- I've finally figured out my personal style. Better still, I stick with it now. I'm an American girl all the way. Casual. Classic. Playful.

Here's what I packed for my trip to Baton Rouge this week:

1. Striped boat-neck tee from Gap (link to similar)
2. Washed denim shirt dress from Gap (link to similar)
3. Leopard Minnetonka moccasins
4. Chambray drawstring dress from Old Navy (on clearance in stores now!)
5. Gold Sperry's
6. Washed Canvas Sperry's from JCrew (link to similar)

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