Thursday, May 22, 2014

Itty Bitty Polka Dot Bikini

Probably not. Not that itty bitty part. But, I do love me some polka dots. I'm personally on the hunt for a classic, flirty one-piece (that is flattering). I haven't exactly had an easy time with it, so I thought it would be fun to discuss swimsuits and what a challenge it has been to find something that fits correctly AND I feel confident in. Why is swimsuit shopping so painful?!

Here's my wishlist:
1. Flattering cut
2. Flirty color, or style
3. Leg opening that doesn't squeeze the life out of my thighs
4. A top that stays put so I can play with Jonah
5. Comfortable
6. Vintage style would be preferable

We have several summer trips quickly approaching and I've been on the hunt for a cute suit. I am a huge fan of one-pieces (and was pre-Jonah as well). I love a vintage feel and modest coverage. But not your grandma's swim dress type suit. No ma'am. I don't hate the two piece. I have several and will wear them at times but I ROCK a one-piece. Just love the classic look of a tank.

My list sounds easy, right? Right. Except it's been really, really painful. Really. I'm going to review several suits that I tried and give you the dirty details. And, y'all. I would LOVE to hear your feedback on this topic. Anyone else having any problems finding a fantastic fit in ALL areas?!

Exhibit A: The JCrew Ruched Femme Tank, $98 

CONS: I was reeeeally excited about this one. I googled for reviews and it got great reviews, plus I think it's adorable. I found one NWT on Ebay for $35 so I snagged it for much less than retail. I got it in this week and discovered several things I didn't like. The material is high(er) quality and that's fine, but the ruching is kind of weird. It's thick and feels cumbersome to me. And, the chest area was SO not flattering on me. I felt very old lady wearing it. The straps up top should be thinner or something?? It was just not my favorite when I got it on. At all!

PROS: The leg holes were great, stretchy and flattering. They didn't squeeze the life out of my thighs. That's always a good thing in my book. And, like I said- you can tell the material/fabric is of good quality.

Exhibit B: JCrew Ruched Halter Tank, $98

DETAILS: I'm normally a halter girl. I like feeling secure and have always worn a halter tie top. However, the last couple of years I've switched to strapless (with strap option) so I don't have lines. I'm not a huge fan of swim suit lines so I like being able to add the straps if I want, or keep it strapless if I'm getting some sun. BUT, the reality of this now is- I rarely get sun. I'm chasing Jonah. Keeping him from running on the wet concrete. Pushing him around in a float. You know. The good stuff. So sunning is the least of my concern.

CONS: Same goes with this suit. The ruching was okay, but was just too thick in my opinion. Also, I ordered a D-cup and apparently I over estimated my size, or the sizing was off on the suit they sent me (probably more the case). The cup started ABOVE my chest. Not gonna work, JCrew. Just weird. Maybe it was a long torso labeled as a regular? I don't know. I sent that puppy back.

PROS: Same as above. And, I think if the cup would have fit me properly I would have really liked the overall fit. Also, a great thing about JCrew is they allow you to try on and return anything that doesn't fit you. Hassle free swim shopping.

Link to the suit.

Exhibit C: Merona Strapless Suit, $40 

DETAILS: This suit was reeeeeally close to being the "one" that I bought. But, I was discouraged by the tiny de-tachable straps. I know that's pretty picky of me. But I had already found a suit that I liked better. If I hadn't tried another on first, I would have picked this one. The fabric of the Merona suits is slinkier than the JCrew fabric. It actually lays better in my opinion. I understand that the quality is probably different, but I like the feel better (AND the price point!). It was very flattering on and the leg opening wasn't tight either. So, if you're looking for a cute suit I urge you to check this one out.
(In fact, I might go ahead and buy it as a back up!)

Link to the suit.

Exhibit D: Merona Striped Padded Cup Suit, $35

CONS: This one had a cute fit, but I hated the padded cups. I am not a padded cup kinda girl. But the great fit almost won me over!

PROS: Overall the fit was great. It was really, really flattering on (probably the most flattering due to the ruched panel in the center which had a slimming effect), but I couldn't get past the above. I did like the preppy stripe and the vintage feel of the top. Definitely give it a try-on shot if you're in Target and looking for a cute, flattering one piece!

Exhibit E: THE WINNER! Merona Halter, $35

DETAILS: This one was the winner for me. The color is perfect. The fit is great, and the feel of the fabric is nice. I like that I can tie the straps around my neck like a halter, OR I can tie it in a big center bow if I just so happen to have a moment to lay out in the sun. I like my options. Also, the top of the suit has the sticky bang that makes it secure and stay up above your chest. It's a cute suit and fit me well! Let me know your thoughts if you try it on. (I know every body-type is different.)

Other One-Piece Options:

This one looks cute (padded cups again). It's online but was sold out at my Target. 
Who doesn't love polka dots?!

And, if I was going to spend pretty pennies on suits- this pretty floral one.
Or this coral maillot. Love it.
And my dream one-piece. Right here. Bam.

Also I tried on several suits at Old Navy but YELCH. I didn't like anything about them. The fit was totally funky on me!! BUT- they did have something I loved. I'm a huge fan of rashguards. This option from Old Navy fits really well and is so cute on. 

What do y'all think of these?


Okay you guys. Let's dish. What have you found that worked? Or, didn't work? Would love to hear feedback on this particular topic. Anyone else HATE trying suits on in dressing rooms? Yuck...

Also- other brands? Where do you go to find a cute suit?? Do you like to try them on at home or in store? Let me hear from y'all...

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