Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Second Birthday {Celebration Tree}

You guys.

Jonah's second birthday is right around the corner (insert me crying at random times during the day because my baby is getting so big) so I pulled out his party decor last night and started the festivities.

Each year I plan to add photos from his parties. Since he's obviously only had one other birthday I focused on that. I printed his first birthday pics and also pulled out his last sonogram photo as well as the print I made the day I found out our baby's gender. It's so special to me! I clearly remember standing on the bridge at Trinity Hospital holding the paper with the "boy" box checked and feeling SO elated and proud. Jeremy was bursting to tell the entire world at that point. I remember him jumping up from his chair when the tech told us, "you're having a little boy!" and fist pumping the air. It was so cute.

Never in a million years could I have imaged the feeling of BEING a Mom. What a joy it truly is. I'm just so thankful.

I added Jonah's birthday plate to the mix. I painted it for him last year before his big ONE and put his little hand print in there to remember how small he was. I can't wait until he's older and it becomes a special part of his birthday. I fully intend to make him birthday pancakes and serve them to him- complete with sprinkles, whipped cream and candles!

He doesn't really understand yet, and that's okay. He does like to look at photos and point out "Momma", "Daddy" and "No-nah". I told him this morning that his birthday was coming, and we're working on learning how to hold up two fingers when we ask how old he is. He's really at the cutest age. 

{{When I first met my late sister-in-law, Stephanie, what totally inspired me (and still does today) about her Celebration Tree was the birthday editions for Kelsey and Jordan. Every year she added a special birthday photo (one photo for each year of their life) and toootally decked it out with balloons, cupcakes and ribbon. I remember how proud they were of it- eager to show me the photos and decor. It was THEIR birthday month, and it was to be celebrated in a BIG way. Every holiday (big or small) was celebrated. Steph showed such love through her decor. That's exactly what I want to achieve with my decorations for Jonah. To show him how much I love him, just like Steph loved her babies!! It was a gift that she had- making everyone feel special. This week marked the fourth anniversary of her passing. I remembered her on the day. I miss her most every day. Her complete joy for life and her crazy free spirit. I wish that she could be here for Kelsey's graduation next month. And more than anything I wish that I could introduce her to my Jonah. I know she would love him to the moon. I will forever miss my sister.}}

And, since I'm sharing the fabric garland and balloon wreath I thought it would be fun to revisit those crafts on the blog this week.

How do you celebrate birthdays? What traditions or things do you do to make the day special for your babies? I'd love to hear...

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