Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Key Lime Mousse Pie

As soon as summer rolls around, or it starts getting warm outside I start craving Key Lime Pie. It's probably my favorite pie of all time. Period. It's tangy and sweet. Perfect for a warm summer day. Or, perfect for a holiday!

In my opinion chocolate makes Key Lime Pie even better. In Seaside, FL there's a cute little dessert shop that sells Key Lime Pie on a stick, DIPPED in the most delicious dark chocolate. I mean. Really. I dream about that dessert. So I decided to search for and make a layered version that included a dark chocolate.

I found this recipe online- Key Lime Mousse Pie, and modified it to suit my needs (a 9x13 casserole dish with a lid, for handy travel purposes!). I used this recipe for the larger graham cracker crust I needed. Then, just doubled the mousse from the first recipe. You guy. It turned out amazing. This one is definitely a keeper!!

So. Stinking. YUM.


  1. I Must try this. Key lime pie is my favorite!!

  2. I adore key lime pie! Craved it when I was pregnant. And are you kidding me with the chocolate?!?! Agh, making it ASAP!