Saturday, December 12, 2015

Best Friends

These two are my favorites. Lately Jonah wakes up concerned about where his Daddy is, and in the evenings can't wait for him to get home so they can play. He loves, loves to wrestle with Jeremy. It can get a little too intense for me so I tend not to watch those wrestling matches. Jonah will ask Jer to come play in his room and I'll ask what they are going to play and Jonah says, "we're going to hit trucks and make them crash into each other". Uhhh. Okay. Y'all do that. They also "fix" a lot of things in his room (aka- they work on things that aren't broken). 

Being three years old is tough sometimes. Jonah has a really, really great vocabulary and can reason with me. His cognitive thinking skills are on point. He can follow plots in a story, and is oftentimes scared of kids movies because he understands motive. (We were watching Home Alone this past weekend and he got super scared when Kevin was walking home from the store, and the guys in the van were following him. He quickly covered his eyes, and said, "MOM! Why are they following him??" and understood that was scary, so we turned it off.) 

Jonah has gotten so independent. He is completely potty trained, and can pull his pants/underwear up all by himself. If he's hungry he asks for a snack and then gets it out of the fridge (his favorites right now are apples, cheese sticks, and yogurts) all by himself. It is wonderful and a little sad at the same time.

Jonah still falls asleep in between Jeremy and I, and then one of us takes him to his own bed when he's out. As of this past week he has asked to sleep in his own bed twice now without falling asleep with us.... I seriously wanted to CRY!

We are quickly heading to 4 years old, and I can't wrap my head around it. At times I feel like he's a big boy and then sometimes I remember and realize that he's three. Three little years old.

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