Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Fancy Christmas Date

On Saturday evening we went to church (love that our church offers a Saturday evening 6pm service!) and then planned a fancy family Christmas date. It was my favorite thing we've done together this Christmas season. We got dressed up and were all so excited to go eat dinner at a nice restaurant. Jonah kept calling it "fancy dinner". And, he requested "ska-betti" so we went to Maggiano's by the Galleria for a late dinner. We had to wait almost an hour (even with a reservation) but he was SO good, and he looked adorable to boot.

While inhaling his dinner he told Jeremy with a grin, "Dad, I'm tearin' this ska-betti UP!!". It was THE CUTEST. He is such a little ham.

Making the effort (and it does take effort) to create special memories with Jonah and Jeremy is something I will never regret. These are really the special times in our life.

Jonah Knox- Christmas 2015- 3 years old

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